From Mysore to Kerala to…..

It’s been a whole week since I left Mysore and in such few days so many things have taken unexpected turns. By the end of this trip, whenever that is, I might be able to write a book solely on the ‘sudden shifts’  I have taken haha!

Well, so I left Mysore a week ago with a happy heart, new beautiful friendships, and a single goal: get to my Yoga Therapy Training in Varkala, Kerala.

I had been very interested in Yoga therapy for a while now and this one combined it with Ayurveda, which I really like as well and wanted to expand my knowledge on both. It seemed like the perfect place to come then, doesn’t it?

At this point I had not admitted it to myself but I was already feeling kind of off about the training. Not because there was nothing wrong with it, I could not judge before coming, but because I was so immersed now in my own practice that the thought of having to set that aside was making me feel uncomfortable. But at the time I thought “nobody dies of not being able to practice everyday, you will be learning amazing stuff. It’s OK”

I arrived in Varkala on Sunday afternoon and went straight to the beach to clear my mind and set the tone for the month to come. Btw Varkala is beautiful and reminds me of Bocas del Toro in Panama, so colourful! I would totally recommend coming to Kerala if you are around India sometime.

On Monday, we had orientation and things were explained more thoroughly and I began to realize by then that maybe, this is not what I was expecting. Luckily that same day I was told that we had two days to decide if we wanted to stay or not, and would receive a – partial – refund. I kept both options open: staying or leaving. I said to myself to give it a try those two days and see what’s up. So, I did.

After trying it out the first days and giving it a lot of thought I decided to leave.

Let me tell you why….

I did not leave because the training was “bad.” It was simply not aligning with what I want now, out of my practice and out of my teaching. In these past two months I have, more than ever, understood that the best way to be a good teacher/coach/guide is by being the best student and sticking to your practice. The fact that all the sequences I was about to learn were so far away from my own personal practice just felt off and not natural. I understood that the therapeutic approach I want to use will only come to me the more I focus on my own experience. The more I learn about my body and those around me, the more I will be able to apply it. I understood that I learned much more about all of this the month I was in Bali with my teachers than I would in a training that is aimed to completing 200 hours in only one month!!!!

I want to stop and make a point about this: Learning 200 hrs worth of material in only one month is too much. There is too much information in too little time and I was not interested in half of it. Most of the other half I already knew from my previous 200 hrs, from other workshops, and reading.

Again, I want to make clear that the training has very good material and it is great for anyone that has had little training before and/or is interested in the techniques being taught.

The past two months I have also learned how important it is to follow your gut and my gut was definitely telling me “get out.” Maybe my gut had been telling me all along go back to your teachers, but I was already conditioned that I needed to find some sort of training while I was in India. So wrong haha.

Now my gut is telling me to go back to my teachers and stay put for a couple of months. It is crazy because here I was thinking about all the traveling I wanted to do after India, go here and go there and learn this and learn that, and now all I want to di is the opposite. I want to stay in one place and “travel deeper.”

A wise person recently told me that sometimes, people that are traveling around too much might be searching for something they won’t find because they have to search within not outside.

That is exactly what I am going to do for now.

Btw I am not going back to Panama haha, I’m going back to Bali ! But I will come home eventually, I promise

I want to focus on my own practice, my personal projects like online coaching , and simply be in a place that makes me so happy with people that make me so happy.

Taking time to absorb everything I have learned so far, applying it, and learning more but from my experience and those around me. Setting aside the information bombing for a while.

I am beyond happy with this unexpected turn of events. I know i have mentioned this before but how crazy is it how that moment where my application for Mysore didn’t go through changed everything I had planned for. Like literally e v e r y t h i n g !!!

And I am infinitely grateful for it.

Honestly, every day I am more convinced that our fate has already been set out and the plan has already been created. No matter how much you try to “choose” where to go to or what to do, you will, sooner or later, follow a path that has been laid out for you. The important thing is to never go against the current and trust, listen to that inner voice and you’ll be better off.
Trust that whatever experience you are having is part of a greater plan.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll keep you guys posted on how my adventures go.

Much love and light to all of you!

Oh yeah, I finally managed to get the Mysore pictures up. Check them out!

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