Lessons Learned

I have been a bit off the wagon with my blog hehe! I have been having a lot of fun and enjoying every second in this magical island.

But I am back and have a lot to say!

I will soon be posting everything I have been up to this time around in beautiful Bali with pictures and all.

But because the inner travels are more important than the external ones, today I want to talk a bit about some important lessons I have learned throughout these months.

So many people, places and situations have been amazing teachers and I am forever grateful!

Lesson learned…

Follow Your Gut

This is probably the most important lesson I have learned so far. The “gut feeling” is really our intuition speaking to us, and I have learned that it is always right. The problem is we become so attached to our rational mind that we disconnect from our intuition. From my experience this doesn’t lead us the right way.
In these past months I have learned to listen and most importantly trust my gut feeling. Every decision I have made that was by rationalizing my options and not by following what I felt was right have been a big failure. I have ended up in places and situations that were not aligned with me or were not what I was looking for. On the other hand, the “craziest” and most impulsive decisions I have made, because something in me pushed me to do so, were the ones who gave me most satisfaction and happiness.
Being rational is just becoming a slave of the mind and false ideas of what is better or worse. When you follow your intuition you are following the path that has been set out for yo, aligning with your true self…..Click here to change this text

Live in the Moment

Living in the moment has been a huge part of this month. I have focused on enjoying day by day without worrying about the day I leave. I have managed to do minimal planning about what to do next, only the necessary like visa extension and such.
I am trying to be 100% here and now, not thinking about endings or new beginnings.

When you are traveling like this the goodbyes are constant and I have grown close to some very special people who I don’t want to say goodbye to. The easiest way to cope with it is by enjoying every moment we have together and not waste energy on worrying about what will happen when we separate or if we will see each other again. It is hard to not think about those things, but surprisingly I have done quite well with it and plan to work on doing it always.

This is something we all have to work on and would really benefit from. We get too caught up in the past and future which only exist in our minds. The past is nothing but memories and the future is nothing but imagination. Now is all there really is and all you’ve really got, so enjoy it!


Slow Down

I thought I was 100% healed from my pulled muscle and started practicing (almost) as usual. Unfortunately couple of days ago it started hurting again which was pretty disappointing, but that means I still haven’t finished learning my lesson.
The lesson this injury has been teaching me is to slow down. The moment I started to feel better I began to “push hard” again. Although I was way more conscious about my movements and didn’t practice as intensely as I used to, I still took it too far.
According to my ayurvedic constitution I am primarily Pitta, which is the fire element. Pitta people have the tendency to overwork themselves, be competitive, and push too hard sometimes. If we learn to use our fire in the right way it can be used to our benefit but we have a hard time slowing down and taking it easy most of the time, thus we don’t find a good balance. So this is what I have to work on right now.  I can see it in my practice, which is a reflection of our lives. I tend to be too intense sometimes and overwork myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I tend to speak too fast, eat too fast, and want to do more than I can handle most of the time.
Both my injury and my time here in relaxed Bali, have showed me that I need to learn to pace myself and do things in a more relaxed and calm way.

There are no limits to what we can do

I have met the most amazing and inspiring people who have taught me that there are NO limits to what I, or any of us for that matter, can do. These are people who are living their dream and pursuing their passions. They have showed me there is not one way to success but that each and everyone of us has our own way to get there. Also, that success means nothing more than being happy with your life.
I grew up in a society where most people follow a monotonous pattern generation through generation. Thinking outside the box, being different to everyone else, and not having a “normal” job is usually considered “crazy” and so many people fear to do so.
Back home I am considered to be a “hippie,” which I am very far from, because I want to travel the world, teach yoga, and live by the beach. Although I get amazing feedback from some people sometimes I feel like I am not taken seriously.
But here I meet so many people who have left everything behind to follow their dreams and live a more simple and fulfilling life.
The cool thing is to know that even when they failed along the way, they still stayed true to themselves.
I have also learned that there is no point in comparing your journey to others’. I am only 24 years old and sometimes I feel like I am so behind and have not accomplished anything. But I have met people of all ages that have showed me that age is neither a limitation nor an advantage. “You still have a lot of time to make yourself what you want to be.” Every day and every step counts.

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