New Shifts

After six weeks of being settled in Ubud, two days ago I left.

Leaving another house, packing my few belongings into my backpack, and moving somewhere new.. again.

I am still in Bali for a few more days and will be going back to Ubud for sure, but I closed another chapter in this story.

Things are starting to shift.. It makes me feel a bit uneasy, not necessarily in a bad way.

There is definitely some anxiety because I am moving again but excitement to see new things and meet new people. I am sad from all the “see you soon”s but happy to have such amazing people in my life now. I am definitely ready for new adventures but would also love to keep things as they were, for a bit longer.

“Life is a balance between rest and movement.” – Osho



 The Hood in Ubud

The Hood in Ubud

My first day out of Ubud was, very unexpectedly, quite harsh. There were a lot of emotions, I even considered on going back to Ubud!! I was being a bit dramatic probably, but these past six weeks I felt like I created a home and it seems like I got attached to it. I mean I literally created a family and was living in a place that was an actual house, plus had a very nice daily routine set and letting all that go had a greater effect on me than I expected.

This has taught me – again – that practicing non attachment to things, people, and places is a lifelong training.
I honestly thought that I had it somewhat under control. While I was in Ubud, I was convinced that leaving was going to be fine because, I knew it was only temporary. I thought it was going to be a “piece of cake,” but it turned out to be more bitter than I expected.

Change is always challenging. Even though we might crave for new experiences, new places, new people.. there is always some rejection to change. There will be a constant pull between wanting to get out of the comfort zone and wanting to stay comfortable, it is just a matter of embracing it and always making the best out of every situation.

It is bittersweet, but it is good.. It is all good.

The first day was definitely harder than today.

Today I woke up with a much better feeling and attitude. Canggu, which is a beach town in the south west of the island, is also pretty awesome. Canggu has a surf and hipster vibe to it, it also has a great restaurant and coffee shop scene, and a ton of young people – more than Ubud I would say. In the end, I am more of a beach girl so I know I will feel at home pretty soon.

As I am writing this I realize how excited I actually am for this change, although I still wish some things would stay the same. These next 10 days will be all about being a digital-nomad, enjoying the beach and meeting new people.

After that, some traveling. I already got my visa approved and have a ticket in hand, one-way as usual.

I will tell you more about my new destination soon, for now let’s keep it as a surprise and enjoy the here and now!


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