Attending Aurora’s “Soulful Nutrition” workshop a year ago was an inflection point in my life. It provided me with the practical tools to make a smooth transition to a whole-food plant-based diet, while having fun in the kitchen and not leaving any micronutrient behind. I’m in the best shape of my life now! Aurora gave me the practical advice and the motivation to make it happen.
Pradiip Alvarez
March 22, 2017
When I first had my consultation with Aurora, I was feeling very tired, sluggish, overweight and unmotivated. My job didn't allow me to carry out the healthy lifestyle that I wished. After meeting her, following her diet plans and tips, I managed to stick to my vegetarian diet (almost vegan) and feel more alive and full of energy. I have lost around 6kgs without feeling hungry or sacrificing delicious food. She also guided me at long distance, I was living in Switzerland and she was based in Panama at the time, which was very convenient. She gave me the "push" I needed and I am forever grateful.
Lorena Correal
March 23, 2017
Hi I am Yari, I’m 23 yrs old and I live in Panama. When I first started researching about leading a life free of animal cruelty, finding the right information was not so easy. I wanted to learn more about how to maintain appropriate nutrition and at that time my main concern, which is the same of most people, was about “protein.” I was looking to understand how to find it in plant based foods as I was trying to eliminate all animal protein. Although I found useful tips in places such as social media, internet articles, and books, I still felt the need to learn more about veganism from another source. Researching the internet for information, in my case about a healthy plant-based life, can be helpful but it is only a guide. I was lucky enough to realize that if we want real help we can always find someone who knows a bit more than us who are willing to help. In my case I found my dear Aurora Brenes a.k.a “La Petite Yogini” who became a very important part of my transformation. My favorite social media platform is Instagram and it was here where I found my Health Coach’s (Aurora’s) profile and it inspired me to contact her. Her knowledge definitely helped me in many aspects of my life! Her positive attitude, her unique way of being and her kindness at the moment of helping me with all my questions are all invaluable aspects of her coaching. She was always willing to answer all my doubts throughout all our sessions and even outside of them. I would definitely recommend working with her to all those who need a hand, a little push, or orientation..however you like to call it. The thing I liked the most is knowing that a couple of years ago she had her own doubts and questions and now she has become a source of support to those like me who now need some orientation. Without doubting her professionalism it is easy to see the super human and excellent woman inside her. Greetings and thanks for everything Aurora !
Yaribeth Zambrano
April 24, 2017
Aurora is an absolute joy to work with, I cannot recommend her enough. She brings a wealth of knowledge and passion on health and nutrition, which she actively shares with students throughout the retreat. Both in and out of the studio. Feeding our student minds with as much knowledge and insight as they want! Nothing was ever a bother for her, and she would attend to student needs as they desired. Her classes were very polished, effortless and well thought through, and she enlightened students in every practice on the art and science of yoga. Retreats are also require flexibility, calmness and an open mind to problem solve, skills which Aurora innately brings. It was a pleasure to host a retreat with Aurora, and we look forward to doing it again and again!
Vickie Mogensen
Co - Founder  - Santa Catalina Retreats
July 06, 2017