There is a wild Cosmic Party going on

There is a Cosmic Party going on and we were all invited!

I don’t tend to write about astrology because it is not my expertise but I wanted to express how these times are affecting me, because the same might be happening to you.

Our inner universe is a reflection of the outer universe we live in, so we might be feeling a bit turbulent as there is so much going on in the cosmos right now.

I have been reading a lot about what is the meaning and effects of these eclipses and here is a bit of what I have gathered.

Tomorrow’s eclipse is a total solar eclipse that will sweep across the continental United States being the first coastal to coastal eclipse since 1918. The effects will sure be nothing but strong and potent. This eclipse falls in an area of the sky called Magha, the heart of Leo the lion – one of the most important and most powerful stars in astrology.

According to Vedic astrology, solar eclipses are said to accelerate social evolution usually through turmoil creating some kind of crisis and chaos. So the tragic events that have unfolded recently seem to be no coincidence.

Also, you might be feeling a lot of turmoil within you and this is what I want to get into. Personally, this cosmic affair has been stirring up a lot of things for me and those around me. Many confusing situations and troubled feelings coming afloat and manifesting in different ways.

Throughout this whole week I have been having days of exhaustion, mornings where I wake up with unusual anxiety, several good cries, many moments of self-doubt but also so much joy and happiness in between that.

This past week I attended the most beautiful kirtan I have ever been to with Lulu & Mischka and I literally cried the whole time. The music just got to a place I had not explored in a while and without warning it opened up a channel of release and the after effect was a feeling of pure bliss. Then, two nights ago I went to Static Dance and released in a different way, I poured my heart and soul into that dance floor. I was in absolute ecstasy, it was the perfect medicine. But, I woke up with so much unease the next day and I couldn’t understand why after such a nice evening I was feeling like sh*t. Things were evidently a bit out of order…

Many people around me have been going through similar situations,some more affected than others. I have seen people around me go through their own emotional roller coaster, letting go of so much they didn’t even know they were carrying. Others seem to be bursting out in laughter for no reason and then falling into a gloomy mood. Now that I am writing this it sounds crazy but it has been so real!

It is definitely a time where the past experiences, old behaviours and beliefs are being questioned, which opens a door for progress if we allow it. Although these chaos might have us a bit tipsy by now everything that is arising it’s because it is ready to be cleared.

We must find steadiness to navigate these strong waves. I (and all the articles I read) highly recommend grounding through practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer, connect with nature, and give yourself some love.

Take time to set intentions and plant seeds you want to water and watch grow as beautiful trees in your life. Most importantly, tune in with your intuition and take things slowly and with patience.

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